2020 Foals 2
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AMHA AMHR reg. Colt foaled 5-17-2020 (SOLD)
Pretty headed long neck, dam is a pinto and sire is a lepard app this colt is really refined built and should put color in your heard even though he is not colored both parents are

Sire: Audrey Lanes Squanto Spotted Feather 31
Grandsire: Bear Branch Geromino Feather 28
Great Grandsire: Stonehenge Painted Feather 29.5
Great Granddam: Sharrway Kajun Rowdy Enhantress 32,50

Granddam: Kopykatz Design blue Moon 30. 50
Great Grandsire: Warrior By Design CR 29.50
Great Great Grandsire: WF Carousel Designer Legacy 31.50
Great Great Granddam: Confetticr 30,50

Great Granddam: Valley View Patent Pending 32.5
Great Great Grandsire: LHR Tattood"s Twizzler 35
Great Great Granddam: Tammy"s Salted Nut Roll 32.50

Dam: KDS Short Stuff Hawks White Dove 32.50
Grandsire: Reeces N Kredible Hawk 32.50
Greatgrandsire: 4 GS Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure 33.75
Greatgranddam: HFS Enjoli

Great Granddam: Haven Brooks High Society 33.75
Greatgreat grandsire: Magic Mans Red Rocket 30.75
Greatgranddam: Outlaws Little Bitty 32.75