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KDS Short Stuff Toys Idol

Stallion Foaled 7 17 2019
AMHA AMHR and parent Qualified

Sire Hills Two Guns
Grandsire: LM Idols Hawks Burton
Greatgrandsire: First Knights Billy Idol
Great great grandsire:First Knights Breaking All The Rules
Granddam:LM Hawks Classic Fable
Great Grandsire Champion Farms Knight Hawk
Grandam: Cheval Slow Gyn Fizz
Great Great grandsireScott Creek Tattoo
Great Great Grandam Dunrovins Midnight Breeze

Dam:Silverford Farms Hydrangeo
GreatGrandsire Kressleys Little Toy
GreatGreatGrandsire Dels Little Rascal
GreatGreat Grandam Kressleys Rosie
Grandam:Rockey Meadows Dutches
Great Great Grandsire Jims Little Duke
Great Great Grandam: FMA Rosemary

Rare Grulla pinto he is small thinking will go 29 to 31
KDS Short Stuff Texas Line Dance

filly foaled 5-22-18 AMHA AMHR

Sire: KDS Short Stuff Texas Tornado
Grandsire: Godspeeds Texas Talent
GreatGrandsire: Fallen Ash Farms Talent Scout
Greatgrandsire: L&D Scout
GreatGranddam: Little Americas DS Miss Muffy

Greatdam: Mini Pleasures French Vanilla
GreatGrandsire: French Broads Bold Sensation
GreatGranddam: Moores China Doll

Dam: KDS Short Stuff Looketts Funny Face
Grandsire: The Chairman Of The Board
Greatgrandsire: Lynncliffs Shady Deal
Greatgranddam: Vermilyeas Dandys Last Request

Granddam: KDSB Short Stuff Hawks Look At Me
Great grandsire: Reeces N Kredible Hawk
Great Granddam: Sweetwaters Lil Fashionable