Mares 2
KDS Short Stuff Hawks White Dove
AMHA/AMHR/PtHA Mare foaled 5-16-2010

This little mare is quite the looker we plan on keeping her and showing her, she has 2 bright blue eyes

Sire: Reeces N Kredible Hawk
Grandsire: 4 GS Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure
Greatgrandsire: Lilttle Kings Alfalfa Please
Grandam: HFS Enjoli
Greatgrandsire: Hemlock Brooks Elegant
Greatgrandam: Hemlock Brooks Dapple Lady

Dam: HavenBrooks High Society
Grandsire: Magic Mans Red Rockett
GreatGrandsire: Magic Man Of LTDS
GreatGrandam: Soats Lil Ruby Red
GrandDam: Outlaws Little Bitty
GreatGrandsire: Midlands Main Event
GreatGrandam: Hush Puppys Kalamity Kate

KDS Short Stuff Hawks white Dove had a beautiful bald face filly
3-19-18 to Hills Two Guns
KDS Short Stuff Lookets Lil Funnyface
this little filly is parentqualified
AMHA AMHR and PTHA Reg foaled 4-30-2012

Sire: The Chairman Of The Board
GrandSire: Lynncliffs Shady Deal
GreatGrandsire: Jefferson Halls Gambler
GreatGrandam:Griffins Yoga Evening Shade

Granddam: Vermilyeas Dandys Last Request
GreatGrandsire Rhotens Little Dandy
GreatGrandam: Hunt House Farms Enticing Girl

Dam: KDS Short Stuff Hawks Look At ME
GrandSire Reeces N Kredible Hawk
GreatGrandsire 4G's Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure,
Great-Greatgrandsire is Little Kings Alfalfas Please
Great-Greatgranddam is Warwick Farms Sweet Bay 31.750.
GreatGrandam is HSF Enjoli
Great-Great grandam is Hemlock Brooks Dapple Lady.
GreatGrandsire is Hemlock Brooks Elegant and
Grandam is Sweetwaters Lil Fashionable
GrandSire Dell Teras Apachie
GreatGrandsire Dels Lil Man
GreatGrandam Dels Mary Dam is Bonds Morning Joy
Grandsire Bonds Shadrock
Grandam Bonds Intrepid

This little filly is also a keeper we thought she was buckskin but could turn black
Two blue eyes

Funny Face had a beautiful blue eyed bay filly Apr 9 2017 to KDS Short Stuff Scouts Domino  and will be bred back to KDS Short Stuff Texas Tornado for 2018
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KDSShort Stuff Daisy Lane Buckeroo

AMHA AMHR Foaled 4-26-2019

Sire: Lucky Four Black Velvet Best Yeat
Grandsire: LK Black Velvet
Granddam: Lucky Four Sirs Lark
Greatgrandsire: Boones Little Buckeroo
Great Granddam: Little Kings Red Velvet
Greatgrandsire: Diamond H Sirs Night Rider
Greatgranddam: Diamond H Rebels Delight

Dam: Larkstone Summerglen
Grandsire: Fallen Ash Eagles Fine Art
Granddam: Aloha Acres Velvets Valevictorian

SOLD  Congratulations Melissa Robinson
Larkstone Summerglen

AMHA AMHR 5-27-2011 31.50

Sire; Fallen Ash Eagles Fine Art
Grandsire : Fallen Ash Farms Eagle Scout
Granddam ; AF Scarlet Mistress

Dam; Aloha Acres Velvets Valevictoriaan
Grandsire; Little Kings Black Velvet
Granddam; Lucky Four Campus Cutie

Could be bred to Daisylanes Best Yet Janus for 2021